5 Different Ways To Showcase Your Ice Balls.

Colored Balls

Release your inner creative self by including a small amount of color to your spheres of ice. You may achieve this by placing a few drops of food coloring to the ice mold after the water filled mold has been in the freezer for around an hour. You can add in a bit more food coloring if you want more vivid colors. Alternatively, if you’re adding the ice balls to fruit juice , you can pour juice in the molds in place of water and freeze. This way you have colored AND flavored ice orbs! Simply add an ice juice round into a glass, pour the fruit juice over and serve. It’s less likely your juice would taste watered-down this way!

Flower Balls

Looking to add a touch of Zen into your drink? Create flower ice spheres! You can simply make these by putting the flower of your choice into the ice ball mold, snap the 2 mold pieces together and pour distilled or filtered water in the mold up until the fill line and freeze. When you release the ball from the mold you’ll get a dazzling ice ball with the flower frozen inside.

To achieve more visual clarity of the imbedded flower you could try putting in filtered water and freeze from top to bottom. You could do this by putting the filled ice ball molds in to a cooler. Pour water all around the molds and put the entire cooler in your freezer. Of course, you’ll need a cooler compact enough to fit in your freezer. Once frozen, take out the cooler, chip away the ice around the sides of the molds to release them and slowly unmold. Done! Clearer ice balls make it possible for the flower to show through so much more.

Fruit And Herb Balls

This is achieved in the same way as creating flower balls however this time around, utilizing fruit and/or herbs! Be imaginative and use your favorite colorful fruit that is in season for example,: strawberries, raspberries, lemon or lime wedges, pieces of kiwi, or other types of vibrant fruits or berries. Incorporating your favorite herb to your fruit balls not only gives increased flavor but looks stunning too!

Glam Balls

Who knew ice could be so glamorous? Particularly when it’s very simple to do? Just freeze your ice round as normal, put it in a wide rim glass, pour your preferred beverage or cocktail over it and add in some edible silver or gold flakes over the ice. It would be even better if you could find edible gold or silver leaves to use instead.

Multi Purpose Balls

Who says ice balls are created for drinks alone? There are a great many ways you can use your dazzling ice rounds. For example, you could use it for helping keep things cool. Put some frozen orbs into a cooler for your picnic and you’ll be sure everything in there will keep cool all day. Another terrific use for them is for winter decorations. Prepare some frozen colored balls, you are able to use faucet water this time around, then afterwards line them up along your driveway on the snow. For special events, you can even pile some clear or colored ice balls on a beautiful plate or bowl. They ought to keep their shape until the celebration ends particularly during the winter season! You can also mix them up with crushed ice and, with the right lighting, you’ll get a stunning arrangement of ice on your buffet table . Why not fill an ice bucket with ice balls and put your bottle of wine or champagne in it to stay cooled for much longer?

The sky’s the limit when your creative juices get going so have a good time with your friends or family. Red berry juice balls for Christmas cocktails or orange ice balls for your Halloween punch bowl for example. Enjoy!