A Prepper’s Guide to Basic Tactical Gear

No one can predict when a natural or man-made disaster might occur, so it’s always best to be prepared. One way to ensure the best possible outcome even under less-than-ideal circumstances is to purchase tactical gear now, but those who haven’t served in the military or spent extensive periods of time in the woods might not know where to get started. This article is intended to serve as an introduction to tactical equipment for those who are looking to begin making preparations now to ensure that they will not be caught unawares later.

Choosing a Pack

The best place to start is with a solid pack. Those preparing for hunting trips, hiking trips, or disaster situations should ensure that they purchase a pack that is equipped with plenty of pockets for keeping organized and padded shoulder straps for added comfort. Don’t skimp on a backpack, as this important piece of gear can make the difference between staying calm and knowing where all that equipment in a stressful situation and making it worse.

The Right Accessories

In many tactical situations, traveling light is a must. That shouldn’t mean that those in the midst of making preparations should have to choose between being prepared and having a pack so loaded down with gear that they can’t move. Purchasing specialized ultra-light accessories such as sleeping pads, sleeping bags, paracord, high-quality knives, first-aid supplies, and even ultra-light survival food online can go a long way toward lightening that load without sacrificing safety.

The Right Clothing

The tactical clothing designed for military personnel and public safety professionals is fabricated with the functional needs of these fields in mind. That doesn’t mean that only military personnel should have access to clothing designed with mobility and safety in mind. Anyone preparing for an extensive backpacking trip or just looking to ensure that they’re well-equipped for a disaster can find comfortable and well-protected tactical clothing online.

The Right Footwear

For anyone intending on spending a good deal of time on his or her feet, the right footwear can make an incredible difference. Many tactical specialists suggest purchasing military boots and combining them with high-quality socks for maximum comfort and performance, even in a survival situation.